Would you,

consider transformation through gene therapy to survive the effects of climate change or if it were to cure you of a disease or disability?


What is the iTransform initiative about?

The iTransform initiative explores your appetite for undergoing genetic modification in a future where climate change or disease or age affects your quality of life and genetic modification is a viable alternative to deal with these challenges.

Would you prefer to change your behaviour or adapt to your environment through genetic modification?

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What will we do with the results of your survey?

The survey results will be used to prioritise and determine the menu of genetic modification options available to users for their own modifications or to produce their future children through the product called the iTransform.

To find out more about gene therapy click on the Reference link at the top this page.

Voluntary Participation & Withdrawal from the Survey:

Participation in this survey is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time up to the point you press the submit button.

When you press the submit button, you are giving your consent to participate in the project. Only surveys that are completed and submitted will be used in this project.

Once you submit your answers, your data cannot be withdrawn from the project.

Confidentiality in relation to your survey response:

No information that can identify you as an individual will be collected by the project.  Your de-identified data will be presented live on the webpage.


The artists, Darryl and Kishwar, acknowledge the wealth of information ANU PhD Candidate, Michel Watson shared with them to provide a level of reality to their art work.
Acknowledgement also to Craig Cormick for sharing his views and providing reference material for this art project.

Art and not reality

Please note that this is an artistic endeavour and survey results will be used by the artists to develop the next phases of the art work.